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KISTEP, the global insitution specializing in Planning and Evaluation for the creation of future value from Science and Technology

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             "Welcome to KISTEP,
              Key to Creative Innovation."

  • As a government affiliated research institute under the MSIP (Ministry of Science, and ICT and Future Planning), KISTEP has been the leading institute in providing future vision and strategies, as well as promoting technology innovation by supporting the full cycle of Korea’s national R&D system, including S&T planning, budget allocation and coordination, and R&D evaluation.
  • Science and technology have greatly transformed our lives over the last decade, as the new wave of technological advances is creating novel opportunities, fostering innovation and enabling us to overcome the boundaries in a way we have never imagined before.
  • As the advances in technology and the outcomes of R&D affect more parts of the society, KISTEP’s contribution to the decision-making process in S&T policy is becoming more significant.
  • At KISTEP, we hope to contribute not only to the economic growth but also to the public welfare and happiness of the society by providing in-depth systematic analysis of data, building strategic mid- to long-term plans, and offering effective and practical solutions for policy-making.
  • To this end, KISTEP will continue taking the initiative and making the efforts to become the global think-tank in S&T policy to lead the future, providing the key to creative innovation.
  • Thank you for your interest and support.