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KISTEP, the global insitution specializing in Planning and Evaluation for the creation of future value from Science and Technology

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President's Message


             "Welcome to KISTEP,
              Key to Creative Innovation."

“As a leading think tank in S&T, KISTEP will take the initiative in meeting the challenges of
the 4th Industrial Revolution with the spirit of Companionship and Partnership.”
  • As the wave of new technologies surge in with the 4th Industrial Revolution, the ensuing risks and uncertainties loom above our future. Science and technology is the key to turning this crisis into an opportunity and a competitive strength. It is now time to take the next leap forward through science and technology.
  • Since its establishment in February 1999, KISTEP has been leading the effort to enhance national competitiveness and innovation capacity by supporting the full cycle of Korea’s national R&D system. As a government-affiliated research institute, KISTEP provides future vision and strategies through performing S&T foresight, policy planning, budget allocation & coordination, and R&D evaluation. KISTEP is dedicated to advancing S&T by overseeing all levels, including human resources, industry, and regional innovation.
  • We also have been sharing our knowledge and experiences with developing countries, and making efforts to establish a global cooperation platform and strengthen international partnership.
  • With our experience and expertise as a leading think tank in S&T, KISTEP will continue its efforts for Korea’s national advancement.
  • Thank you for your continued support and interest.

President  Kichul Lim