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Title The 66th KISTEP Wednesday Forum: Strategies for Enhancing International Technology Cooperation towards Open Innovation
Writer Hyojin Jang Date 2017-07-07 Hit 474

The 66th KISTEP Wednesday Forum was held on June 14 with the theme of “Strategies for Enhancing the International Technology Cooperation towards Open Innovation.”

As the pace of technology development is speeding up and many industries are increasingly focusing on the convergence of technologies, , open innovation is becoming more important than ever. The forum aimed to discuss the strategies for enhancing international technology cooperation to achieve global market competitiveness.

The forum began with a presentation by Myung Jun Oh (Director, Division of International Technology Cooperation, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT)). Min-sun Noh (Korea Small Business Institute (KOSBI)), Junhee Lee (President & CEO, COXEM CO., LTD), and Sang Ook Park (Assistant professor, School of Public Administration, Soongsil University) participated in the following panel discussion.

Myung Jun Oh (KIAT) stated, “The number of countries cooperating with Korea is steadily increasing, but the selection of strategic partners for international cooperation in technology and innovation is still weak.” He continued, “As domestic companies still prefer closed development, Korea only ranked 22nd among the OECD member countries at the level of international technology cooperation between firms.”

He emphasized, “To enhance international cooperation, strategic diversification of demand-based bilateral and multilateral G2C channels is essential.” Also, he mentioned the importance of enhancing the international R&D collaboration in S&T strategies, expanding ODA for S&T public development assistance, and establishing institutional environment for revitalization of international S&T cooperation.

In the following panel discussion, other development strategies for enhancing international technology cooperation were discussed. Needs for strengthening bilateral strategic international cooperation with China, the United States, Japan and German considering the link with the market in order to respond to the 4th industrial revolution was suggested.

Analyzing flows of the technology balance of payments, investigating on technology imports and exports in major countries, and examining the status of technology trade by industry sector were stated as critical strategies. Also, importance of expanding the expert pool through global networks, strengthening operation of international industrial technology cooperation projects and providing tax relief for technology transfer was also mentioned.

Moreover, there was a suggestion that international R&D collaboration and cooperation projects should be introduced to industrial technology field in terms of S&T policy. It was also pointed out that it is necessary to review the control scope of strategic technology under foreign trade law in order to exchange technologies vigorously.