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Title The 68th KISTEP Wednesday Forum: Our Responses to the Future Changed by AI
Writer Minjae Kim Date 2017-07-21 Hit 218
 The 68th KISTEP Wednesday Forum was held on July 12 with the theme of “Our responses to the future changed by AI.”
Technology Innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is the basis of the 4th industrial revolution, rapidly and widely affects from industry to daily life and culture as a whole. This forum aimed to discuss our responses to the future changed by AI. The forum began with a presentation by Dong Gun Kam (Professor, Ajou University). Yong Ho Song (Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University), JoonJeong Yi (Head, Institute for Future Technology & Business), Moonjung Choi (Director General, KISTEP) participated in the following panel discussion.
 Professor Dong Gun Kam stated, “The most important thing in the field of AI is data. There is a need for developing new model to utilize private data for public service or policy making while paying for those data.” He continued, “Since the direction of AI development is unpredictable and a lot of variables are expected, it is important to secure the foundation and basic technology.”

 In the following panel discussion, professor Yong Ho Song (Hanyang University) mentioned, “System performance is a key factor of implementing AI. Especially, the performance of semiconductor in charge of calculation distributed to sub and terminal is important.” He continued, “Low-power is also a core issue in the area of the AI. We need to tackle power and energy.”

 JoonJeong Yi (Institute for Future Technology & Business) stated, “AI is a tool for broadening the range of human thinking. It helps people make decisions.” He mentioned, “Understanding its application purpose precisely is the first step for utilizing AI for appropriate field. Future research on AI should be focused on the symbiotic relationship between AI and human.”
 Moonjung Choi (KISTEP) stated, “Future society has both opportunities and threats caused by technology development. It is being discussed in public.” She continued, “The application fields of AI are very diverse. Comprehensive policy and system handling all the effects from AI should be prepared. Also, evaluations of those policy and system should be performed steadily.”