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Title KISTEP Held the 5th Future Forum
Writer Joy Kim Date 2014-11-19 Hit 1249
KISTEP held 『The 5th KISTEP Future Forum』 jointly with Future ThinkNet in El Tower in Yangjae-dong on November 18th on the topic of 'Future of Creative Convergence, Realization of Scientific Imagination'.

'KISTEP Future Forum' is to enhance awareness of major issues related to the future society and grope for the direction of response, and has been arranged in the past on the topics of Risk Response Level of Future Society, Future of and Challenge in Healthcare in the Era of Centenarians, Future Food Trend, and Future of Unified Korea and Scientific Technologies.

In the opening address, President Youngah Park of KISTEP emphasized, "We need a place of communication to prepare for the future by enhancing the mutual understanding between the fields of arts and science/technology which have originated from one root. Through this, the scientific and technological performances can be visualized and can also contribute to the industry's advancement.

The full scale forum started with topic presentations by three experts, which was followed by the panel discussion.
First, Writer Hyunwoo Bang of Media Art Group 'Everyware' introduced the interesting methods by which people communicate with people at the points of contact between new media technologies and arts, and unique collaboration works created while reality naturally meets with a virtual world and humans coexist with machines.
Then, Professor Jooyong Kim of Soongsil University who is the head of the Fashionoid Research Center for specialized convergence research in the fields of textile and fashion explained the examples of diverse ICT-converged wearable smart energy fibers on the topic of 'Realization of New Ideas Convergence of Fiber and IT'. Piezoelectric fiber and frictional static electricity fiber through energy harvesting, finger press fiber, electronic skin fiber, and big data shoes were explained in detail and the works of students were introduced.

Lastly, Researcher Sang-hyun Lee of KISTEP who was the last speaker looked into the obstacles to and success factors of convergence, and emphasized that the science and technology circles should strive for creation of convergence that enables creativity to bear fruits in order to break down the research barrier between school systems, collaborative researches between government-funded research institutes and small/medium businesses should be invigorated, and the humanistic/economic knowledge of scientists and engineers should be reinforced, for which a place of discussion is required.
In the subsequent panel discussion of experts presided by Moon-jung Choi, the head of the Office of Strategic Foresight of KISTEP, three topic presenters, Professor Joongsik Lee of the Digital Contents and Information Studies Program of Seoul National University, Professor Kanghyun Kwon of the Arts and Technology Department of Sogang University, and Professor Changsub Um of the Anatomy Class of Korea University College of Medicine participated.