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Title KISTEP Science Talk was Held.
Writer Joy Kim Date 2014-11-24 Hit 896
KISTEP held a lecture 'KISTEP Science Talk' to commemorate the Sketches of Science exhibition. In this lecture held in the Gwacheon National Science Museum on November 21st, 150 high school students selected through website application participated.

The ‘KISTEP Science Talk' started with the introduction of the exhibition and explanation about the works by Youngah Park, the president of KISTEP, which was followed by the lectures of physics and chemistry fields. Before the lecture, the students saw the 'Sketches of Science' exhibition and had a meaningful time of getting scientific inspiration from the creative ideas of the nobel prize winner.

Professor Hanwoong Yum of the POSTECH Physics Department, who was the first speaker, gave a lecture on the topic of . Professor Yum explained the scientific method of observing atoms surpassing the limit of the unit that can be seen with a naked eye, and drew a hot response of students with an in-depth lecture on physics.

It was followed then by the lecture given by Professor Jooyoung Yoon of the School of Chemistry and Nano Science of Ihwa Women's University on the topic of . Professor Yoon rounded off the lectures of Science Talk explaining the chemical principle of organisms generating light and the diverse fields in daily life to which fluorescence can be applied.

Student Jung-won Park of Yeouido Girls' High School who participated in the KISTEP Science Talk gave her impression, "The lectures given by the professors enlightened me who failed to have any curiosity seeing the surrounding objects. And, while seeing the exhibition, I thought that I should be among them after several decades. I felt that I should strive again and again."