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KISTEP, the global insitution specializing in Planning and Evaluation for the creation of future value from Science and Technology

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Brief History

Legal Foundation :
Article 20 of the Framework Act on Science and Technology
Objective of KISTEP :
To contribute to the advancement of S&T by supporting the establishment and coordination of S&T related policies; systematically surveying, analyzing, and efficiently undertaking duties related to research planning, management and evaluation of national R&D programs as well as international S&T cooperation.
Brief History
Jan. 2020
  • Relocation to Chungbuk Innovation City
Feb. 2019
  • The 20th Anniversary of KISTEP
Aug. 2018
  • Inauguration of the 9th president of KISTEP, Sang-seon Kim
Mar. 2017
  • Inauguration of the 8th president of KISTEP, Kichul Lim
July. 2016 Ranked "Excellent" in mission-oriented GRI evaluation
Feb. 2014 15th anniversary of the foundation of KISTEP
Jan. KIRD‘s affiliation was transferred to KISTEP
Oct. 2013 Inauguration of the 7th president of KISTEP. Park Young Ah
  • KISTEP’s affiliation was transferred to the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) from NSTC
Mar. 2011
  • KISTEP assumed full responsibility in supporting NSTC newly launched as a permanent agency with a strengthened mission
    • KISTEP’s affiliation was transferred to the NSTC from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST)
    • KIRD’s affiliation was transferred to the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea
Feb. 2009 10th anniversary of the foundation of KISTEP
Nov. 2007
  • Established the Korea Institute of R&DB Human
  • Resources Development (KIRD) affiliated with KISTEP
Feb. 2005
  • Redirected KISTEP’s main functions to strategic planning,
  • coordinating and evaluating national S&T and R&D
July. 2001
  • Reorganized and expanded the functions of KISTEP

    Strengthened its planning function to efficiently carry forward national R&D programs

Feb. 1999 Established KISTEP
May. 1993 Reorganized the CSTP and renamed it STEPI
Jan. 1987 Established the CSTP, an affiliated organization of KIST