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KISTEP, the global insitution specializing in Planning and Evaluation for the creation of future value from Science and Technology

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Division Position Name Phone E-mail
President`s Office President Kim, Sang Seon +82-43-750-2301 메일보내기
Vice President`s Office Vice President Lee, Sang-Youb +82-43-750-2309 메일보내기
AUDITOR Auditor +82-43-750-2305 메일보내기
Office of Auditing Auditor Kim, Chi-Yong +82-43-750-2306 메일보내기
Research Institute of S&T Innovation and Strategy Lee, Jang-Jae +82-43-750-2307 메일보내기
Office of Planning and Management Director General Ahn, Seung-Ku +82-43-750-2322 메일보내기
Office of R&D Budget and Feasibility Analysis Director General Hwang,Ji-Ho +82-43-750-2343 메일보내기
Office of National R&D Evaluation and Analysis Director General Oh, Sea Hong +82-43-750-2314 메일보내기
Office of National R&D Coordination Director General Lee, Kil-Woo +82-43-750-2311 메일보내기
Office of S&T Policy Planning Director General Byeon, Soon-Cheon +82-43-750-2358 메일보내기
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