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KISTEP, the global insitution specializing in Planning and Evaluation for the creation of future value from Science and Technology



The new CI that KISTEP adopted at the tenth anniversary of its creation speaks well of its future-oriented and
creative philosophy, along with its position as a central organization for national competitiveness in the future.
The new Symbol Mark - a Combination Mark based on its English initial 'KISTEP' - expresses the key concept of
Tomorrow Bridge. The round bridge shape of the upper portion in the Mark presents as a moderated visual language
the fairness, transparency and objectivity, which may be called the major role assigned to KISTEP; at the same time,
it stands for bridging today and tomorrow, harmonizing and balancing, and adapting creatively for a future leap. In
addition, its soft shape combined with orange color implies the mind of the KISTEP people as a mediator/coordinator
and their patriotic ardor to realize future value.
The English logotypes in the lower part of the Mark are restructured into solid and compact pillars so that they
display a formal and moderate confidence; as a whole, their living edges metaphorically give out a constantly
awakened mind. Semantically, they build a three-dimensional identity by securing an impressive symbol with their
edges enlivened, while carrying the representation of the Organization realizing future value.

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Basic Form

  • KISTEP Orange
    • PANTONE 166C
    • M80+Y100
  • KISTEP Blue
    • PANTONE 2755C
    • C100+M100+K30

Applied Form