Main Functions

  • Foresight and Future Strategy for Science & Technology
  • Science and Technology Policy Planning and Coordination
  • Coordination of Government R&D Programs and Budget Allocation
  • Evaluation of National R&D Program Performance
  • Global S&T Cooperation & Collaboration
  • Feasibility Study on National R&D Programs

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Evaluation of National R&D Program Performance

Establish systems for sharing and spreading R&D-related knowledge and information

Evaluation of National R&D Program Performance

  • Overview
    • Our main functions are surveying and analyzing all R&D investments both in public and private sectors, and their performance; evaluating national R&D programs based on these surveys and analyses; and establishing the effective measures to diffuse performance from national R&D programs in addition to investigating notable performance.

      Legal Basis: Article 12 of Framework Act on Science and Technology, Articles 7 and 12 of Act on Performance Evaluation and Management of National Research and Development Projects, etc.

  • Main area
    • Surveying and analyzing national R&D programs and R&D activities in Korea
      • Implementing a survey and analysis on national R&D programs (including their performance) funded by the government in the previous year.
      • Implementing a survey on R&D activities in both the public and private sectors according to the OECD manual.
    • Evaluating national R&D programs and government-funded research institutes
      • Implementing meta-evaluation, in-depth evaluation, and government-funded research institute evaluation, in addition to developing and providing guidelines for performance measurement and standard performance indexes to comply with changes in the evaluation systems.
      • Developing evaluation methodologies and performance measurement models for advancement of the National Evaluation System (NES)
    • Establishing the strategies for R&D performance diffusion and national intellectual property
      • Selecting ‘Top 100 National R&D Performances’ on the basis of notable R&D performances
      • Establishing main plans, such as the plan for the management and usage of research performances, by examining the usage of these performances and investigating institutes specialized in performance management and distribution.
      • Supporting intellectual property strategy development and measure reformation such as establishing the resource allocation and the following year’s investment strategies for the national intellectual property projects, in order to build the intellectual property ecosystem.
    • Publishing Composite S&T Innovation Index (COSTII)
      • Diagnosing the science and technology driven innovation capacities of 30 OECD members, and suggesting the measures to improve the innovation capacity in Korea.