Main Functions

  • Foresight and Future Strategy for Science & Technology
  • Science and Technology Policy Planning and Coordination
  • Coordination of Government R&D Programs and Budget Allocation
  • Evaluation of National R&D Program Performance
  • Global S&T Cooperation & Collaboration
  • Feasibility Study on National R&D Programs

KISTEP, the global insitution specializing in Planning and Evaluation for the creation of future value from Science and Technology

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Global S&T Cooperation & Collaboration

Establish systems for sharing and spreading R&D-related knowledge and information

Global S&T Cooperation & Collaboration

  • Overview
    • By sharing the knowledge and experiences from the S&T-guided national innovation with developing countries, we make various efforts to form the S&T network and the S&T knowledge exchange hub with international communities, countries, and organizations.
  • Main area
    • Establishing a global cooperation platform and strengthening national S&T diplomatic capacities with developed and developing countries, international communities such as AAAS*, ISPIM** and international organizations such as OECD and UNESCO.
      • Identifying global S&T issues and sharing proposed S&T agendas for future generations through international collaboration.
        * AAAS: American Association for the Advancement of Science
        ** ISPIM: International Society for Professional Innovation Management
    • Sharing the experiences from national S&T-driven innovation in Korea with developing countries by providing S&T policy training programs and offering support to design their own S&T-guided master plans leading to building their own S&T innovation platforms.
      • ‘S&T Policy Training Program for High Level Policy Makers’ has been created in collaboration with ISTIC (International S&T Innovation Center for South-South Cooperation Under the Auspices of UNESCO)
      • Guiding developing countries in designing their own S&T-guided master plans to innovate their countries and helping them build their own S&T innovation capabilities.