Main Functions

  • Foresight and Future Strategy for Science & Technology
  • Science and Technology Policy Planning and Coordination
  • Coordination of Government R&D Programs and Budget Allocation
  • Evaluation of National R&D Program Performance
  • Global S&T Cooperation & Collaboration
  • Feasibility Study on National R&D Programs

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Feasibility Study on National R&D Programs

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Feasibility Study on National R&D Programs

  • Overview
    • In order to verify the appropriateness of government investments prior to funding, we perform feasibility studies on new large-scale national R&D programs as well as conduct preliminary technological assessments to select the suitable R&D programs qualified for the feasibility study.

      Legal Basis: Article 38 of the National Finance Act and Article 12 of the Framework Act on Science and Technology, etc.

  • Main Area
    • Feasibility study on national R&D programs
      • This feasibility study is comprised of evaluating comprehensive feasibilities of these programs in the aspects of technology, policy and economy
      • Eligible Programs: Newly proposed national R&D programs of which total budget exceeding KRW 50 billion including KRW 30 billion or more in government subsidy as specified in the Article 11 of the Science and Technology Framework Law
    • Preliminary technological assessment to select appropriate programs qualified for the preliminary feasibility study
      • Focusing mainly on the technological aspects such as the necessity and urgency of developing the technology, and the concreteness of planning the R&D programs, etc.
      • Eligible Programs: R&D programs requiring research facilities & equipments with a budget less than 30% of the total budget among candidate R&D programs subject to the feasibility study.
    • Research on improving the preliminary feasibility study system
      • Establishing and revising the guidelines of the preliminary feasibility study to improve the system.
      • Research on the methodologies for enhancing the objectivity, credibility, and effectiveness of the preliminary feasibility study.