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Title KISTEP Celebrates Its 21st Anniversary
Writer Gyuha Jo Date 2020-02-03 Hit 131
KISTEP held the 21th anniversary ceremony of its founding with all members at the new KISTEP building established in Chungbuk Innovation City on February 3rd (Mon).

This ceremony was started with a congratulatory address by Sang-seon Kim (President of KISTEP), followed by various awards including Outstanding research achievement award, Excellent employees of this month of the fourth quarter, Best issue paper award, Academic award, Excellence department award, Empathy KISTEP people, KISTEP people of the Year, and Long Service Award.

▲ Sang-seon Kim (President of KISTEP)

Sang-seon Kim (President of KISTEP) emphasized that “while encountering lots of challenges both domestic and international, S&T should be the center to solve the problems for the future of Korea as well as the world” in his congratulatory address. He also continued that “KISTEP has been trying to become a true S&T Think Tank for the past 20 years, and further was hoped to be an important institute that leads Korea as well as national S&T in the future by playing a role of proactively raising major issues and agendas of Korea in the overall national innovation system”.

Finally, President Kim emphasized the importance of not only efficient work but also communication among employees by facing a new era in Chungbuk, and commends KISTEP employees for the past 20 years.