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Title Opening ceremony of KISTEP new building
Writer Gyuha Jo Date 2020-02-26 Hit 242
The Korea Institute of Science and Technology Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP) held the opening ceremony at the new building in Chungbuk Innovation City on February 26 (Wed) and announced the opening of 'KISTEP Chungbuk Innovation City Era'. This event was designed to inform the public and the local community of the relocation of KISTEP and to ensure the leap forward as a Think Tank of national S&T innovation.

At the opening ceremony, important guests including Kiyoung Choi (Minister of Science and ICT, MSIT) and about 300 employees attended, and celebrated and encouraged KISTEP's new start together.

KISTEP new building is located at 1339 Wonjung-ro, Maengdong-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do. The building was completed in December 2019 with a land area of 13,993㎡, 5 floors above ground and a total floor area of 14,706㎡. There are currently about 370 employees.

Originally it was planned to invite larger number of guests, but as the COVID-19 Crisis Alert was upgraded to a serious stage, the event was held after reducing the size of the event and the scope of the invitation. (Protection of entire office building on the day before the ceremony and participants' usage of mask and hand sanitizer)

The opening ceremony was followed by a tape cutting ceremony to announce the official launch of the new building, followed by a commemorative video screening, a progress report on the construction of the new building, and a viewing of the new building.

Kiyoung Choi celebrates KISTEP's relocation and completion of the new building and said, “hope that employees of KISTEP, Korea's representative S&T policy Think Tank, are well adapted to the new environment and will be able to work with the expertise and responsibility that are appropriate for the government R&D 24 trillion won era”, and emphasized that "MSIT and KISTEP will constantly communicate and cooperate and strive for national R&D ecosystem innovation".

Sang-seon Kim (President of KISTEP) said that “the establishment of KISTEP's own building is not only a great inclination for KISTEP, but also has the meaning of finishing the first phase of the innovative city project (relocation of 153 institutes) that has been promoted by the government for the balanced national development”, and mentioned that “KISTEP, which has been committed to the development of national S&T, will continue its efforts to make another leap forward with the relocation to the Chungbuk Innovation City”. He continued that “we will do our best not only for communication with the community but also for joint development with related institutes”.