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Title [The 118th KISTEP Wednesday Forum] What makes a global innovative new drug possible
Writer Gyuha Jo Date 2020-03-23 Hit 135

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology Planning and Evaluation (KISTEP) held the 118th KISTEP Demand Forum on the theme of 'What makes global innovative new drugs possible' at the International Conference Room of Chungbuk Innovation City on Wednesday, March 18th. This forum, which was established for the first time since KISTEP's relocation to the Chungbuk Innovation City, was prepared to discuss ways to foster the bio-health industry, the next-generation flagship industry in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and how to secure global market competitiveness of global innovative new drugs by GLO. In order to respond to Corona 19, only essential personnel were participated without external attendees, and it was mainly focused on video shooting.
Forum videos and presentations will be released through the KISTEP YouTube channel (, and KISTEP plans to combine issues and policy alternatives discussed in the forum and distribute them in a newsletter format.

▲ Forum view focused on video shooting

▲ Sang-sun Kim (President of the KISTEP) explaining the significance of the forum

▲ Jung-Gyu Le (CEO of Bridge Bio-Therapeutics Co., Ltd.)

▲ Panelist Yeon-soo Kim (Professor at Chungnam National University)

▲ Panelist Jae-doo Ha (KRICT)

▲ Panelist Tae-eok Kim (KDDF)